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The tool estimates the price for metric and imperial stud bolts manufactured in Europe (mill and stock price) and in India/China (see prices under “Asian”). It provides budget prices for all stud bolts in multiple diameters and, lengths.

To get the price for a specific product, click on the link below, choose the relevant stud bolt type, the body material grade, the nominal size and download or print your budget price estimate. Our prices are based on the current market trends and on the LME prices for raw materials such as steel scrap, nickel, molybdenum, copper and, ferroalloys.

Stud Bolts Prices

Even if our price estimates are reliable, prices shall always be double checked with stud bolts manufacturers and stockists before being used for firm offers to end users.

Besides stud bolts prices, our online tool estimates the prices of other piping materials such as pipes, flanges, valves, butt weld and forged fittings, flanges in various material grades and dimensions. logo 



If you buy stud bolts for flanges for your projects, you can browse the sales offers from reputable suppliers on (manufacturers, stockists, and distributors), find the stud bolts and nuts you need and close the order online. Otherwise, you can post a request for quote (RFQ) and get offers from trustable stud bolts vendors.

If you are a manufacturer, stockist or distributor of stud bolts, you can sell them on easily: simply list your A193 stud bolts for sale and receive orders or inquiries from international End Users, EPC contractors and traders. By listing your stud bolts on, you increase your sales potential at no cost!

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