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“I” Steel Beam Sizes (IPE and INP)

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Table of Contents

The article shows the I beam type sizes (IPE/INP web, flange in mm), weight in kilograms per meter, sectional area and mechanical properties (inertial moment, resistance modules, and inertial radius).

Steel Beams Sizes (“I” Sections IPE/INP)

Steel beams IPE/INP are a very commonly used type of steel profile. Beams, otherwise called “I” sections, continental beams, or IPE/IPN, are available in multiple material grades, the most common are EN 10025 S275 and S355.

IPE Beams Sizes, and Mechanical Properties

IPE Size (mm)Weight (kg/m)Sectional Area (cm2)Inertial Moment Resistance ModulesInertial Radius
hbaerJx (cm4)Jy (cm4)Wx (cm3)Wy (cm3)ix (cm)iy (cm)
IPE 80463,85,256,07,6480,148,4920,033,693,241,05
IPE 100554,15,778,110,32171,015,9234,205,794,071,24
IPE 120644,46,3710,413,21317,827,6752,968,654,901,45
IPE 140734.76,9712,916,43541,244,9277,3212,315,741,65
IPE 160825,07,4915,820,09869,368,31108,716,666,581,84
IPE 180915,38,0918,823,951.317100,9146,322,167,422,05
IPE 2001005,68,51222,428,481.943142,4194,328,478,262,24
IPE 2201105,99,21226,233,372.772204,9252,037,259,112,48
IPE 2401206,29,81530,739,123.892283,6324,347,279,972,69
IPE 2701356,610,21536,145,955.79419,9428,962,2011,233,02
IPE 3001507,110,71542,253,818.356603,8557,180,5012,463,35
IPE 3301607,511,51849,162,6111.77788,1713,198,5213,713,55
IPE 3601708,012,71857,172,7316.271.043903,6122,814,953,79
IPE 4001808,613,52166,384,4623.131.3181.156146,416,553,95
IPE 4501909,414,62177,698,8233.741.6761.5176,418,484,12
IPE 50020010,216,02190,7115,548.22.1421.928214,220,434,31
IPE 55021011,117,224106134,467.122.6682.441254,122,354,45
IPE 60022012,019,024122156,092.083.3873.069307,924,304,66

INP Beams Sizes, and Mechanical Properties

INP Size (mm)Weight (kg/m)Sectional Area (cm2)Inertial Moment Resistance ModulesInertial Radius
hbaerJx (cm4)Jy (cm4)Wx (cm3)Wy (cm3)ix (cm)iy (cm)
INP 80423,95,93,95,947,5777,76.2819,42,993,200,91
INP 100504,56,84,58,3410,617012,134,14,864,001,07
INP 120585,17,75,111,114,232821,554,77,414,811,23
INP 140665,78,65,714,318,357335,281,910,75,611,40
INP 160746,39,56,317,922,893554,711714,86,401,55
INP 180826,910,46,921,927,91.4581,316119,87,201,71
INP 200907,511,37,526,233,42.1411721426,08,001,87
INP 220988,112,28,131,139,53.0616227833,18,802,02
INP 2401068,713,18,736,246,14.2522135441,79,592,20
INP 2601139,414,19,441,953,35.7428844251,010,402,32
INP 28011910,115,210,147,961,07.5936454261,211,102,45
INP 30012510,816,210,854,269,09.845165372,211,92,56
INP 32013111,517,311,561,077,712.5155578284,712,72,67
INP 34013712,218,312,268,086,715.767492398,413,52,80
INP 36014313,019,513,076,197,019.618181.0911414,22,90
INP 38014913,720,513,784,010724.019751.2613115,03,02
INP 40015514,421,614,492,411829.211.161.4614915,73,13
INP 45017016,224,316,211514745.851.732.0420317,73,43
INP 50018518,027,018,014117968.742.482.7526819,63,72
INP 55020019,030,019,016621299.183.483.6134921.64,02
INP 60021521,632,421,6199254138.84.6794.62643523,44,29

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