Pipe Color by Fluid Type

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Table of Contents

Color codes are, in some cases, applied on pipes and other piping materials (such as pipe fittings, flanges, and valves) to facilitate the identification, in the storage warehouse or on the field during project execution, of components manufactured in different materials.


The table shows the pipe color coding guidelines set by the PFI ES 22 specification. In addition to the colors specified in the table, welded pipes shall show an additional white stripe.

PFI Standard ES-22 Standard: Pipe Color Coding Recommendations

Carbon Steel Pipes

MaterialMaterial GardeBand / Strip Color
Carbon Steel, Electric Resistance Welded PipeA53 Gr. B/API1 solid white
Carbon Steel, Smls, specified tensile strength under 70,000 psi (483 MPA)A53 Gr. BNo Marking
Carbon Steel, killed steelA106 Gr. B1 solid green
Carbon Steel, specified tensile strength 70,000 psi (483 MPA) and overA106 Gr. C2 solid green
Carbon Steel, low temperature (impact tested)A333 Gr. 61 solid red

High Yield Carbon Steel Pipes

52,000 min. yieldAPI 5L X-521 solid yellow, 1 solid green
60,000 min. yieldAPI 5L X-601 solid yellow, 1 solid pink
65,000 min. yieldAPI 5L X-652 solid yellow
70,000 min. yieldAPI 5L X-701 solid yellow, 1 solid orange

Low Alloy Pipes

C-Mo steelA335 Gr. P11   solid orange
1 Cr-1/2 Mo SteelA335 Gr. P121   solid orange, 1 solid blue
1 1 /4 Cr-1/2 Mo SteelA335 Gr. P111   solid yellow
2 1/4 Cr-1 Mo SteelA335 Gr. P221 solid blue
5 Cr-1/2 Mo SteelA335 Gr. P51 solid blue, 1 solid yellow
9 Cr-1/2 Mo SteelA335 Gr. P92 solid orange

Ferritic and Martensitic Pipes and Tubes

Type 405A268 TP4051 solid green, 1 solid black
Type 410A268 TP4101 solid green, 1 solid red

Austenitic Stainless Steel Pipes

Type 304A312 TP3041 solid black
Type 304LA312 TP304L2 solid black
Type 304HA312 TP304H1 intermittent black
Type 309A358 Gr3091 solid black, 1 solid brown
Type 310A358Gr3101 solid green, 1 solid orange
Type 316A312 TP3161 solid gray
Type 316LA312 TP316L2 solid gray
Type 316HA312 TP316H1 intermittent gray
Type 317A312 TP3171 solid brown, 1 solid green
 Type317LA312 TP317L1 solid brown, 1 solid red
Type 321A312 TP3211 solid pink
Type 321 HA312 TP321H2 solid pink
Type 347A312 TP3471 solid brown
Type 347HA312 TP347H2 solid brown

Nickel-Alloy Pipes

Nickel 2001 solid black, 1 solid pink
Incoloy 8001 solid black, 1 solid orange
Incoloy 800H1   solid gray, 1 solid red
Incoloy 8251   solid gray, 1 solid blue
Inconel 6002 solid blue
Inconel 6251 solid blue, 1 solid pink
Hastelloy Alloy 8-21 solid red, 1 solid orange
Hastelloy Alloy C-2761 solid red, 1 solid blue
Hastelloy Alloy C-222 solid red
Hastelloy Alloy G1 solid red, 1 solid yellow
Carpenter Alloy 20 C 8-31 solid black, 1 solid blue
Monel 4001   solid black, 1 solid yellow


The ASME A13.1 specification provides indications about the color coding of piping materials that transport different types of hazardous fluids. In this specification, fluids are classified in the following way:

  1. Flammable fluids: fluids an vapors that may ignite and burn in the air
  2. Fire-quenching fluids:  as water, foam, and CO2 used in sprinkler systems and firefighting systems
  3. Toxic and corrosive fluids: media that are corrosive or toxic
  4. Combustible fluids (not flammable)
  5. Oxidizing fluids (gas or liquid that may contribute to the combustion of other materials when combined with oxygen)
  6. Compressed air

Pipe color marking

The table shows the color to be applied on the outer surface of the pipe depending on the type of transported fluid.

The Norm sets also requirements in terms of length and height of the color mark depending on the pipe outside diameter.

ASME A13.1 pipe color marking
The BS 1710 specification sets similar indications, with a slightly different pipe color marking approach.

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