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Steel Channels Sizes (UPE/UPN)

The article shows the UPN/UPE channel sizes, i.e. weight in kilograms per meter, sectional area and mechanical properties (inertial moment, resistance modules, and inertial radius).

UPN Channel Sizes

UPN channel size

Dimensions are per Standard UNI 5680-73

UPN ChannelsWeight (kg/m)Sectional Area (cm2)Inertial Moment Resistance ModulesInertial Radius
hbaerJx (cm4)Jy (cm4)Wx (cm3)Wy (cm3)ix (cm)iy (cm)
UPN 30335,07,07,04.275,446,395,104,262,601,080,968
UPN 40355,07,07,04,886,2114,16,687,073,081,511,04
UPN 50385,07,07,05,597,1226,59,1010,063,741,931,13
UPN 65425,57,57,57,099,0357,514,017,75,052,521,25
UPN 80456,08,08,08,6511,010619,426,56,353,101,33
UPN 100506,08,58,510,613,520529,141,18,453,911,47
UPN 120557,09,09,013,317,036443,160,711,14,631,59
UPN 140607,010,010,016,020,460562,586,414,75,451,75
UPN 160657,510,510,518,924,092585,111618,26,211,88
UPN 180708,011,011,022,028,01.35411415022,46,962,01
UPN 200758,511,511,525,332,21.91114819126,97,712,14
UPN 220809,012,512,529,437,42.69119624533,58,482,29
UPN 240859,513,013,033,242,33.59924730039,59,224,42
UPN 2609010,014,014,037,948,34.82431737147,810,02,56
UPN 2809510,015,015,041,953,46.27639844857,210,82,73
UPN 30010010,016,016,046,158,88.02849353567,611,72,90

UPE Channel Sizes (Parallel Flanges Channels)

UPE channel sizes



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  • Dear Sir,

    Kindly Send us Quotation of following Structural Steel. Kindly Confirm the availability of material after confirmation order.
    EN 10365 with tolerances according to EN 10279: 2000.

    UPE Channel Size : UPE 240……400 mtr
    UPE Channel Size : UPE 330…..400 Mtr

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