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Gaskets for Flanges

Gaskets for flanges in non metallic (asbestos-free), semi-metallic (spiral wound, jacketed) and metallic materials (ring joint gaskets) per ASME B16.20/B16.21

Types of Gaskets for Flanges (Soft, Spiral, Ring Joint)

Learn about the 5 key flange gaskets types (used in the oil and gas industry): non-asbestos gaskets full and raised face (used for low-pressure, low-temperature and non-critical applications), spiral wound gaskets (for higher temperature and pressure oil and gas applications), Ring joint gaskets style R, RX, BX (for RTJ flange faces), Kammprofile and Jacketed gaskets. The article… read more »

How to Select the Right Flange Gasket?

How to select the right gasket for a piping application? To choose the proper flange gasket, piping engineers should take into consideration the following 4 key factors: fluid type, process temperature/pressure, fugitive emissions Laws, other general considerations. While gaskets are relatively cheap components of the overall piping system, they are critical for its reliability and integrity:… read more »