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pressure-temperature ratings Archives - Projectmaterials

Flanges, gaskets and stud bolts used for flanged connections in piping systems (types of flanges/gaskets, specifications, dimensions and materials per ASME)

Flange Pressure Rating Explained (and Charts)

What means ANSI flange pressure rating? How to select the right flange rating? The term “flange rating” (or class) refers to the maximum pressure (in psi or bars) that a flange withstands at increasing temperatures. Flanges with a higher rating (class) are stronger than flanges with lower ratings, as they bear more pressure at increasing temperatures. Flanges made… read more »

ASME B16.34 Pressure/Temperature Rating

The ASME B16.34 specification covers pressure and temperature ratings for forgings, castings, plate, bar, and tubular products. The ASME B16.34 charts show the max allowed pressure for a material depending on the product rating and the process temperature (the higher the temperature, the lower the pressure at a given rating).    GROUP 1: CARBON AND ALLOY… read more »