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SEAMLESS PIPE ASTM A106 (Pipes), Sizes 0.5 x SCH XXS, in ASTM A106 GR B (Carbon Steel - High Temperature Service)
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0.5 inches Seamless Pipe SCH XXS ASTM A106 GR B Product Description

Category: Pipes, Seamless Pipe, SEAMLESS PIPE ASTM A106
Material Grade: ASTM A106 GR B, Carbon Steel - High Temperature Service

The SEAMLESS PIPE ASTM A106 is a high-grade carbon steel pipe specified under the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard A106. This specification covers seamless carbon steel pipes for high-temperature service, making them ideal for transporting fluids such as oil, gas, steam, and water in refineries, power plants, and boiler applications.
ASTM A106 seamless pipes are manufactured through a process that involves the piercing of a solid billet followed by rolling and drawing to achieve the desired dimensions without any welded seams. This production method enhances the pipe’s ability to withstand higher pressures and temperatures by providing a uniform structure without any weak points.
These pipes are available in three grades: A, B, and C, with Grade B being the most commonly used. Each grade differs slightly in chemical composition and mechanical properties but all maintain excellent toughness and durability under high-temperature conditions.
Sizes for ASTM A106 seamless pipes range from 1/8 inch to 24 inches in nominal bore size, with varying wall thicknesses, typically classified under schedules such as SCH 40, SCH 80, and SCH 160. The absence of welds makes these pipes particularly suitable for high-pressure applications across various industries, including petrochemical, boiler manufacturing, and power generation.
ASTM A106 seamless pipes are known for their robust performance, resistance to corrosion, and ability to operate effectively in environments where temperature and pressure conditions are critical. This makes them an essential component in advanced industrial piping systems where safety and efficiency are paramount.
The specific product on this page is: SEAMLESS PIPE ASTM A106, NPS 0.5, SCH XXS, ASTM A106 GR B

Specifications ASME B36.10, ASTM Spec. By Material Grade

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7.14 $
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8.25 $
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For pipes: min 1 pipe (6 meters for NPS < 4″, 12 meters for NPS > 4″).

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  • BE: Bevelled Ends
  • BW: Buttweld
  • DEG: Degrees
  • ERW: Electric Resistance Welded (Pipes)
  • FB: Full Bore
  • FL: Flanged
  • HFI: High-Frequency Welding
  • LR: Long Radius
  • LSAW: Longitudinal Submerged Arc (Pipes)
  • NPS: Nominal Pipe Size
  • PCS: Pieces
  • RB: Reduced Bore
  • SCH: Pipe Schedule
  • SR: Short Radius
  • SW: Socked Weld