Linggu Chemical Co. Ltd announced it had awarded a contract to KBR, Inc. for an ammonia plant in Yixing City in China.

Under the terms and conditions of the contract, KBR will supply the technology licensing and basic engineering design (LBED) package for construction of a new 1,500 metric tons per day (m.t./d) ammonia synthesis unit. Consequently, it will replace one of the current units in Yixing, China. The plant will employ KBR’s proprietary ammonia synloop technology.

KBR produces a cost-friendly ammonia synthesis solution. It is a low energy consumption and low CAPEX and OPEX unit for a reliable and efficient plant. The KBR’s grassroots ammonia synthesis unit is the second for Linggu. KBR commissioned its first synloop unit there in 2015.

Mr Tan Fuyuan, Chairman of Linggu, said that the company expects to stand out in the coal-to-ammonia market in China with KBR’s advanced ammonia synthesis technology.


“We are honoured to deliver this second ammonia unit to Linggu. This project award showcases the superiority of KBR’s Ammonia Synthesis Technology and its great fit for the market needs in China,” announced John Derbyshire, KBR President, Technology.

KBR is a leader in ammonia technology. It has completed licensing, design, engineering, and/or construction of more than 230 grassroots ammonia plants. Besides, the company manages over 100 revamp ammonia projects globally.