Gazprom, a Russian state-controlled gas monopoly, approved a 17% increase in the total amount of corporate spending and investments for this year.

The company expects to lay out nearly 1.5 trillion rubles ($23 billion) this year. Its major investments will concern the company’s development projects. Thus, the sum has increased by 186 billion rubles to 984 billion rubles.

Gazprom is desperate to commission its three major multi-billion dollar gas export pipeline projects – TurkStream, Sila Sibiri and Nord Stream 2 before the end of 2019.

Last week Gazprom stated it had completed 95% milestone in laying the subsea section of the TurkStream pipeline. 1775 kilometres of pipes are now welded along the route to form the twin transport lines.

Gazprom started to develop the onshore gas receiving terminal in Turkey earlier this year. However, the connection between TurkStream and the onshore network near the port of Anapa in Russia is expected to be completed at the end of 2018.

Sila Sibiri
Meanwhile, Gazprom has completed 96% of Sila Sibiri, the company states. It welded and laid into trenches nearly 2064 km of pipelines. The first stage of the Sila Sibiri pipeline links the East Siberia’s Chayanda gas field with a pumping terminal on the border between Russia and China.

Nord Stream 2
The construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is currently proceeding in the Baltic Sea zones of Finland, Russia and Germany.

Recently Danish Energy Agency began a public referral process for an altered pipeline route. The pipeline will run through the country’s exclusive economic zone. Therefore, the public, the Danish authorities and organisations can now open a discussion on the Nord Stream 2 environmental impact. The due date of the assessment report is December 12.