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Miscellaneous technical articles about mechanical and electromechanical products for projects

Non-Destructive Testing Types (LP/MP/UT/RX)

Non-destructive test (abbreviated, NDT) used to evaluate the physical and mechanical properties of a welded connection without damaging the equipment. The most common non-destructive tests are visual inspection, penetrating fluids, magnetic particles, radiographic (RX) and ultrasonic examination (UT). TYPES OF NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING In this article, we review the most common non-destructive testing techniques used to… read more »

What is a Hydrostatic Test?

The hydrostatic test consists of filling a piece of equipment with a fluid at test pressure, for a given period of time, to check the existence of leakages. The test is passed if the equipment bears the test pressure without any leakage.  HYDROSTATIC TEST The hydrostatic test is a common procedure to test piping equipment,… read more »